USC Fan Throws Bottle At UCLA Band [VIDEO]

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USC Fan Bottle UCLA Band

Remember the UCLA girl getting pelted with bottles by USC fans for climbing on top of Tommy Trojan after UCLA beat USC, 35-14, last Saturday? This is shadier: a USC fan threw a bottle at the UCLA band (during what looks like the march into the Coliseum before the game).

Watch the clip above (0:06 mark). The YouTube post offered this information:

At :04 you can see someone in a red shirt standing behind the tan tent throwing a beer bottle underhanded. You can see his hand go up behind the head of the girl wearing the red 90 jersey. At :06 the bottle hits the street a few feet away from Drum Major Matt Visk and Snare Drummer Tyler Ryan.

The Trojan fan missed — of course — but this behavior can’t comfort incoming head coach Steve Sarkisian very much. A few four-loss seasons and the USC fan base will target his dome with those bottles.

Stay low, Sark.