Bama Fan Beats Up Husband & Wife After Iron Bowl Party

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This Iron Bowl story isn’t nearly as bad as the Alabama fan killing the Alabama fan at the Iron Bowl party, but it’s still bad. According to Huntsville’s WAFF, a local family, who are Auburn fans, were beaten up by an angry Alabama fan who was at a nearby Iron Bowl party.

The family was lighting fireworks after the huge victory when a man came out of the woods and jumped on the husband.

Rena Tidmore said she doesn’t know if her family was targeted or if it was just a random attack, but it’s something that has kept her family on edge ever since.

“It happened so fast, it was bizarre and really crazy,” she said.

Tidmore said a stranger who just left an Iron Bowl party came out of the woods, jumped out of a moving car and came to her house.

“My son ran in and told me there is a man attacking Dad on the back porch,” she said. “I ran back there and there was a man on top of my husband hitting him with his fists. I tried to pull him off of him and he cursed at me and told me I was next and then he punched me in the face. He definitely smelled of alcohol.”

From what we can see from Rena’s Pinterest page, she’s not out looking for a fight from Bama fan. She’s a mother who likes Crock Pot french toast, light BBQ chicken pizzas and dinners made easy.

What have we come to as a college football nation when a family can’t shoot off fireworks after beating Alabama without getting curbstomped?

Roll Tide!

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