Jake Peavy Is Now Driving His Duckboat Around Alabama

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Remember when Jake Peavy was so geeked about riding in the Red Sox World Series parade that he bought one of the Duckboats for $75,000?

Well, Peavy’s ship has finally come in. He started driving (sailing?) his boat, “Charlie River,” in Alabama on Thursday afternoon and tweeted out a picture (above).

The entire idea allegedly came from Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes, per Boston.com:

“Two months ago, [Peavy] showed me his property in Alabama. I think he owns three-quarters of the state. He’s going through all these pictures and I’m like ‘You don’t have a duck boat,’ so when we go, you like buy the exact duck boat you ride on and you ship that pig to Alabama.”

“And he did. … Now we can have a World Series parade any time we want at Jake’s house.”

You can follow the saga of Peavy’s duckboat in the photos below: