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Bama Fan Puking Down A Door, Phil Knight A Bama Fan & Rob Ryan Partying

What a weekend.

I’m back from 36 hours in Vegas for the American Honey World Kickball Championship at Hard Rock and I got about 5 hours of sleep. I’m pretty sure I’ve never drank that much whiskey over 36 hours in my life.

What did I learn about Vegas on this trip? Hard Rock got rid of those stupid ass games like casino war and Caribbean stud. Hard Rock is actually paying 3-2 blackjack at the $15 shoes.

As for football, the Chiefs still have the best probability of winning the Super Bowl. The Saints are moving up fast. They’re now at 10% to win it all. If you’re a Lions fans, I’m just going to tell you that your team has a 10% probability of making the Super Bowl.

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