Florida State Fan Amanda Cerny Really Enjoying 138 Water

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Amanda Cerny Doing A Photo Shoot For 138 Water

You probably remember Amanda Cerny from way back when she first appeared on BC as a Florida State student and a Playboy Playmate. That was 2011. She’s no longer at FSU. Her job now is to be hot in a bikini and shoot promo photos for companies such as this 138 Water (@138Water) brand that won’t stop shooting photos of hot chicks drinking water.

Remember the days when hot chicks would drink Tab because it had like zero calories? Of course you don’t, because your ass is in college and those commercials were from before you were born. Anyway, those days are history. Hot chicks like Cerny (@AmandaCerny) now enjoy a cold bottle of water.

Zero calories. Stay hydrated. Easy to burn off the liquid. Perfect to pour over yourself when a camera happens to spot you on the beach.

Water – the new hot chick accessory.