How Many Beers (Or Waters): Keyara

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The great internet mystery is trying to figure out what this hot chick Keyara is famous for. According to her Twitter account, ‏@KeyaraX (856 followers), she’s a singer, actress, dancer, creator and makeup artist. In other words, she’s just another hot chick trying to make it in Hollywood and willing to get in a bikini for that 138 Water that you’re seeing everywhere.

You guys know why we’re here – “How many beers?”

I’ll get the obvious tweets from asshole who’ll proclaim “are you stupid….I’d have sex with her before you could crack a beer open.”

But don’t you want to get to know Keyara and find out about her musical career? This is Hollywood we’re talking about. Network a little.

How Many Beers: 4 Stellas and one Jack & water (preferably some of that 138 Water she’s promoting just to be nice)