Fans Pick Up Astrodome Artifacts At Yard Sale/Auction [PHOTOS]

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Astrodome Sale Auction

The Houston Astrodome is as iconic as any professional stadium built after World War II. Though the Astros and Oilers never brought a world championship to the building, plenty of great sports memories were made there.

The Astrodome sill stands in Houston (right next to Reliant Stadium). It was the site of a yard sale and auction on Saturday — just days before Tuesday’s voting referendum that could decide if the building is to be demolished or transformed into a convention center.

More than 4,000 fans showed up to buy whatever they could as a remembrance of the old stadium. Some of the deals included:

• $200 for a pair of seats
• $20 for a square foot of Astroturf
• $1,300 for an astronaut-like groundskeeper helmet
• $1,800 for a sideline bench autographed by Oilers HoF RB Earl Campbell
$3,300 for the Oilers sign, which was bought by Campbell
$2,300 for an Expos on-deck circle

Check out social media photos from the event in the gallery below: