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Sad Greg Oden Went To A Miami Haunted House Alone? [PHOTOS]

Damn, Greg Oden: you’re killing us. The Miami Heat center stopped by the House of Horror Amusement Park at Miami International Mall this weekend.

The haunted house and fairgrounds is supposed to be fun for everyone, so why does the big man have such a sad look on his face in all the pictures?

Maybe it’s because Oden’s gotten so used to being lonely.

Oden was finally cleared to play for his new team this morning. Until today, Oden had just been working out by himself at practice — far, far away from his world champion teammates.

Somebody needs to get LeBron or D Wade on the phone and have them take Oden out for a nice candy apple and some kettle corn. Maybe even throw a team Halloween party. We’d kill to see Oden in a Halloween costume, ANY Halloween costume.

[via GrimeyJ305]

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    1. lamontee curb says:

      Well I dont know first off oden has to call those guys and say hey I know im a new comer and ive had bad luck on being heathly but dont make me fill as if im ona iland by myself

    2. Mike says:

      I think this article was written in poor taste. I’d like to see an article about his journey back to the NBA rather than this garbage. Respect this man and all he’s been through!

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