Bama Fan In ‘Bitch & Moan’ Jersey Goes Nuts At Ole Miss Game

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Think college football is life or death at your school? It’s not even close to the life or death Bama fan goes through on a weekly basis.

Imagine you are ‘Bitch & Moan 06′ fan. You bust your ass driving a semi all week and have to look forward to one thing on the weekends: watching Bama kick the shit out of another opponent.

Nope, he could care less about his kids.

Could care less about his wife, especially if she’s his ex-wife.

Bitch and Moan wants rings, bitches. He wants new BCS shirts. He wants new statues. He wants Nick Saban to drop his ass like Benny Hinn saving a crippled senior citizen.

Bitch and Moan wants to bury Ole Miss so bad he can’t stay quiet. He has to lose it. He has to yell at a ref from the upper deck. He has to be a superfan.