Roger Clemens Sings ‘Play That Funky Music’ At Houston Birthday Party

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What was Roger Clemens up to this weekend? Oh, not much besides singing Wild Cherry’s classic “Play that funky music” at a party Saturday night in Houston. According to the video uploader, the woman on stage with Rocket is Dominique Sachse, a Houston TV anchor at the NBC affiliate.

What kind of party was this? We’ll let a party-goer explain the situation:

I’m in Houston at a friends bday party Clemens was a birthday present from one of his friends! Great night man he hung out for 2 1/2 hours!

I hope that means what it sounds like it means: Roger was hired to hang at a birthday party at Houston’s Hotel Derek.

And he wore a visor.

And he got on stage to entertain.

Is Roger now being hired out like a stripper?

That’s a guy who made $150,601,000 during his MLB career.


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