70 Sports Halloween Costume Ideas

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Sammy Sosa's Creeper Look Getting Creepier [PHOTO]Sammy Sosa's Creeper Look Getting Creepier [PHOTO]
Is Aaron Murray's Mom The Hottest SEC Mom?Is Aaron Murray's Mom The Hottest SEC Mom?


What will be the big sports-themed costumes of 2013?

The easy lazy choice is to go with a Johnny Manziel costume of fake money taped all over a #2 jersey. If I don’t see 100 of those costumes, it’ll be a huge upset. The other big option this year is going as RG3. He wasn’t a big enough name in 2012 to hit the costume scene, so expect Redskins fans to go crazy.

If you’re looking for a concussion angle, you could buy the Disaster Brain Helmet off eBay for $18.90. Pair that with a Bernie Kosar jersey and you’re all set.

Thinking of going as Aaron Hernandez? You can get the orange prison suit for $33.

Need a sweet mullet for the Andre Agassi costume? Our friends at Mullet on the Go have great options starting at $11.99

If baseball is your thing it shouldn’t be hard to figure out a Ryan Braun costume. We should start to see white Sammy Sosa’s, maybe a bloody Oscar Pistorius, a few fat Bret Bielemas. If you’re going the classic costume route, go Bash Brothers, 1986 Mike Tyson, Drunk Wade Boggs, classic Kurt Rambis or even a 1985 Larry Bird in tight shorts.

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