Chiefs Superfan Shayla K. Pumped Up Over KC’s 3-0 Start [PHOTOS]

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After an embarrassing 2-14 season in 2012, the Kansas City Chiefs are already assured of a better 2013 thanks to their 3-0 start.

No one is more excited to see the resurrection of the franchise than Chiefs’ superfan Shayla K. The Kansas resident tweets numerous pics of her copious cleavage under the handle shastakuboobs before/during/after Chiefs games. She also brings other Chiefs’ fans together online, and she actually attends games, too, which is the mark of a true superfan.

(Obviously Shayla is also part of the KUBoobs mafia. You know all about KU Boobs if you’re a BC reader.)

Can the Chiefs be an NFL juggernaut? It really comes down to their two games against Broncos (Nov. 17 and Dec. 1). We’ll keep checking in on Shayla to see how KC’s season is going.

If she gets this pumped over regular season games, just think about the post-season pics.

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