Fox Philly’s Kacie McDonnell Thinks The Eagles ‘Are Taking The Cup This Year’ [VINE]

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Kacie McDonnell is a traffic reporter for the Fox affiliate in Philadelphia. (You may remember that she used to date Christian Ponder and was rumored to be dating Phillies’ pitcher Jonathan Pettibone earlier this year.)

With everyone in Philly in full-blown hysteria over Chip Kelly’s Eagles, Fox Philly sent the lovely McDonnell out to interview Eagles’ fans for their pre-game show on Sunday.

While whipping fans into a frenzy prior to the Eagles-Chargers game, McDonnell confidently predicted that: “This is our season. We’re taking the cup this year.”

Of course, there is no cup in NFL football… Look, Philly fans are currently mesmerized by the Eagles enough to truly believe that they could win the Stanley Cup, the CFL’s Grey Cup, hell, the friggin’ World Cup.

We’re going to cut McDonnell some slack on this one. We don’t want Fox Philly to get the yips over one slip-up and start running Steve Keeley out there for Eagles’ pre-game show.

[H/T: @BrianPHickey; @KacieFOX29]

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