Anyone Know If This Mississippi St. Cheerleader Is Still On The Team?

You know what makes me jealous? A Mississippi State cheerleader chick that can hold another chick over her head like this. Totally jealous.

There’s a discussion going on today over at SEC Rant about MSU cheerleader chick and the guys are totally being assholes about the size of her base and how she’s too “fat” to be a cheerleader in the SEC or any level of the FBS.

Blah, blah, blah. Just your typical message board hate.

The big news here is that the photos are from last year and that nobody can seem to figure out if MSU cheerleader chick is still cheering. Why does it matter? Because my ass will set a season DVR recording for future Bulldogs games.

Hell yes I want to see her throw cheerleaders around like pool noodles.

It’s no different than wanting to see Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson play safety for UGA.




    1. genro says:

      I didn’t say you could quote the SECr

    2. NGT says:

      I’m a busss…I’m a busss…Suck My Dick…I’m a bus!

    3. NGT says:

      Mark Richt has lost control of the buffet lines.

    4. MSCoastTigerGirl says:

      The real story is I wasn’t catfished. I’ve been catfishing the Rant. Sorry crimsonsaint, wadewilson, LCT, Holer, and every other Rant boy I’ve tried to sex up. I’m really a cheerleader for MSU. But hey, I make a good base and I have real strong thighs!

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