It Looks Like Rex Ryan Enjoyed Tailgating, Ogling Feet At Clemson

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Can you blame Rex Ryan for spending Saturday in Clemson, South Carolina to watch his son run onto the field for the first time as a Tigers walk-on? If you work for the New York Daily News that is an easy question.

Columnist/reporter Manish Mehta has really been after Rex’s head over the last 10 days or so since Rex threw Mark Sanchez to the wolves against the Giants in a meaningless preseason game.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Manish wasn’t down with Rex’s Clemson trip.

Ryan’s decision to skip cut-down day, regarded as the most important 24 hours in pro personnel departments across the league, to watch his son, Seth, a freshman walk-on wide receiver at Clemson, face Georgia in South Carolina revealed how much the head coach has been marginalized.

NFL head coaches live at their respective team facilities on cut-down day, shaping the roster and bidding farewell to players.

Looks to us like Rex was pretty damn happy to get away from New Jersey and onto a campus where he could look at all sorts of naked college girl feet.

The smile says it all.


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