UCF QB Blake Bortles Catches Fumble, Throws TD, Still Has Hot GF

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If you haven’t paid attention to UCF quarterback Blake Bortles, now is the time to start noticing what the junior is doing. Take last night against Akron in a 38-7 win. Bortles was 18-24 for 318 yards and 3 TDs, including this amazing fumble to himself and then he maintains enough composure to throw a touchdown.

Sure, it was Akron, but still.

Bortles had 25 TDs and 7 INTs last year. Don’t be shocked if he drops 30 TD passes this year. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that his big show of the year will be September 28 when he gets to go against Clowney – at home.

You might also remember that Bortles has the bikini model girlfriend, Lindsey Duke ( ‏@liindseyduke). Could Bortles be the breakout star of the season? The pieces are lining up.

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