Of Course Arnie Motorboated Kate Upton At The 19th Hole

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Let’s be honest, Arnold Palmer, 83, doesn’t need a Cialis to get it up when Kate Upton, 21, let’s him rest his shoulder on her rack, right?

Kate reports:

Had an amazing golf lesson today #arnoldpalmer @golfdigestmag

As for rumors that these two are dating and have created the greatest athlete/supermodel power couple in sports history, those rumors are false. Arnie has been happily remarried (first wife kicked the bucket) since 2005.

That’s not to say that Arnie wouldn’t be against getting Kate hammered on spiked Arnold Palmer’s and take her back to his hotel room for some romancing. He might be old, but he’s not dead. If the guy has a pulse, he’s a boner pill from getting down to business.

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