Bro Allegedly Wears Riley Cooper Jersey To Kenny Chesney Concert

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Riley Cooper Jersey at Chesney Show

Just when the whole Riley Cooper racial slur controversy calmed down, country star Kenny Chesney returned to the East Coast for a show at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands on Saturday.

While Cooper was presumably not in attendance, a Twitter user decided to wear a Riley Cooper jersey to the show (allegedly; we haven’t seen pics of him at the show) :

Riley Cooper Jersey

Of course, someone made this happen for him:

Riley Cooper Jersey Picture

Some people may take this guy wearing a Riley Cooper jersey to a Kenny Chesney show as a joke, but others might see it as an invitation to a conflict. We’re not sure this bro is ready for a frank discussion on race relations in America.

If this bro actually made it inside the show, we wonder how he was greeted by Chesney’s fans and/or Chesney himself, who cut Cooper loose during the firestorm after the video of the Eagles’ wide receiver was made public.