Seahawks Fan Blowing Massive Weed Cloud At TV Camera [VIDEO]

No way that’s a vapor smoke. No friggin’ way. I ran this by Joe Student and we came to the conclusion that the dude blasting a cloud of smoke IS NOT hitting an e-cig. No way.

For one thing, what guy is going to sorta brag that he’s smoking an e at a Seahawks-Chargers game? If a guy is going to blow smoke, he wants it to be weed smoke for the street cred points. Would you really want to go home and learn that your homies saw you smoking an e at a preseason game? No way.

12th Man! Weed! Preseason football! Seahawks! Russ Wilson!

(I don’t see much smoke coming from this blu.)


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    1. Captain Obvious says:

      I’m around these vapor smokers all day long and they blow clouds like this. The basis generated here for it being weed is about as credible as Vince Young “coming back”

    2. MD says:

      It’s an e-cigg.

    3. Rammitz says:

      Typical media bullshit trying to make a story out of nothing… You are fucking retards, you can see the e-cigg in his hands

    4. Jesus says:

      You’re dumb that is totally an e cig. Idiot, idiot!!!

    5. derosafamily says:

      Who the hell says that’s a Seahawks fan, because he happened to push his way to the front row with a group of Seahawks fans? He is wearing no Seahawks gear, not even Seahawks colors! In fact I would say they are closer to chargers colors!

      You guys just need to STFU!

    6. Shaun says:

      This reporter is retarded first off I think the guy is wearing a charger hat, second that’s a vapp pen I could be hooka it could be an e cig or it could be just flavored water. I have one that blows that much smoke and it’s just water vapor

    7. Mike says:

      It’s way too big to be an e cig. It looks a lot like my vap. But this really isn’t a story. Smoking a vap leaves almost no smell. My friend has literally smoked one next to my parents who hate weed and they just said no smoking in the house. Noone at round him probebly knew he was smoking weed

    8. Dan says:

      It was a vap, and he wasn’t a hawks fan. You are wrong about every possible thing in your article. How do I know? I was sitting in front of the guy (and I’m on that video). Not every one from Washington is a pot smoking hippie. You sir, are a moron.

      P.s. I did see a charger fan smoking a joint in the shitter.

    9. Leora says:

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