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Bengals Fan Carries 6-Pack Of Who Dey Beer In Beard & Cubs Kid’s Mohawk

We hear that Busted Coverage made an appearance on CNN last night. I wasn’t aware that was going to happen or I would’ve DVR’d it while at dinner. If you saw it, let us know how we looked.

I remember way back in the 2008 days when ESPN used to run items from blogs. I believe it was Sage Steele who once read my prose on SportsCenter. It was a pretty big deal back then. Now, CNN running something just feels like another day.


What did we learn in sports last night? The Pirates have the best record in baseball and a 1.5 game lead on the Cardinals and suddenly the fans are acting like hardos.



    1. Beej says:

      The “mohawk kid” from the July 30 Cubs v. Brewers game – it was his first Cubs game. I recently introduced him to George Carlin, and one of his favorite bits is George’s “Please St. Anthony, help me find my keeeeeyyys.” So in the 9th inning, he started saying, “Please, St. Ant’ny, help ’em win the gaaaaaaame.” ;-)

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