Bengals Beard Fan Is Garey Faulkner, A Beard Professional


All it took for Gary (sometimes spelled Garey) Faulkner to go viral was to wrap six Hu-Dey cans in his beard and attend Cincinnati Bengals training camp over the weekend. Cameras find you.

Of course an AP photographer couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap Faulkner chatting with Andy Dalton and the internet went nuts.

According to a 2012 story by Cincinnati’s Fox 19:

Garey is a Cincinnati native. He ingeniously devised a plan to turn his 14-inch beard into something charitable.

He says it all started with a friendly bet (and doesn’t it always???).

If Garey didn’t shave for an entire year, his friend would owe him $1,000. He ended up winning the bet, but unfortunately for Garey, he never got paid!

However, he soon came to the conclusion that Cincinnatians respond well to long beards, especially when they’re painted and molded into shapes.

Faulkner, besides being a fan of my favorite NFL team, is easy to like because he uses his beard to help others. He donates all money made off the beard to charity. He also competes in professional beard competitions.

You can keep up with Gary’s beard antics at Misled Cincinnati.

The good news for Gary this NFL season is that the Super Bowl is outdoors and in New Jersey. The beard will come in handy. Just sayin’ since the Bengals are the sexy pick to get there.



    1. cjvanhorn says:

      Reblogged this on THE QUARTERBACK and commented:
      I have seen some sweet beard tricks in my day, but this guy takes the cake. Some of us carry a six-pack with our hands or perhaps the aid of a small cooler. Not Gary Faulkner though. Gary just rolls up his 14-inch beard and carries a sixer of Hu-Dey cans around all day at training camp. Simply awesome.

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