Look Who Dan Marino Ran Into In Israel On His Family Vacation

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I had to look up if Dan Marino is a Jew. According to JeworNotaJew.com, Marino IS NOT a Jew. It seems the Marino family just decided to vacation this summer in the Holy Land and scratch it off the bucket list.

Dan tweeted this photo on Thursday:

Look who @MARIN0_J and I ran into in Israel, @Amareisreal. Good luck during the rest of the #MaccabiahGames

I’m intrigued on how this goes down. Marino and his son are just walking down the street and Amar’e is just out getting some air? Dan is outside the hotel enjoying a beer and Amare’s strolls by on an ice cream run? Just a coincidence?

In Israel this week? Keep your eyes on a swivel for Amar’e & Dan just strolling the streets and/or the sights.

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