Johnny Hangover Doesn’t Blame AJ McCarron For Not Waking Him Up At Camp

And there’s a new twist to Johnny Football Hangover Manziel being sent home from the Manning Passing Academy.

ESPN reported this week that Manziel left the Manning camp “due to illness.” Johnny’s father then claimed his son was suffering from dehydration. Then, today at SEC Media Days, Johnny said he missed meetings because his alarm didn’t go off. He also said the decision to leave was also based on being tired from his travel schedule.

We know, via photos from Bubba’s bar/food joint in Thibodaux, Louisiana that the boys enjoyed some guy time on Friday with the Mannings.

That led San Antonio Express-News reporter Brent Zwerneman (@BrentZwerneman) wondering why Manziel’s roommate, AJ McCarron, didn’t wake him up for those crucial meetings.

Johnny Hangover had been stopped in his tracks.


Of course this is just what Nick Saban doesn’t want to hear out of Party Boy’s mouth. Now, when Alabama comes to SEC Media Days, McCarron is going to get crushed with questions on the incident.

Expect a no comment, “We’re here to talk about football and not incidents in the past.”

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    1. Erin says:

      Just curious as to why it’s AJ McCarron’s job to make sure he is awake? Has Johnny Manziel ever heard of this thing called an alarm clock? It’s what most ADULTS use to wake us up when we have somewhere to be. Just proves he has no accountability for his actions.

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