RG3 & His Internet Side Piece Meredith Barber Recap

What started out on July 11 as a tip to Busted Coverage that RG3 might’ve been texting a former Hooters waitress on his wedding day, has turned into anonymous emails with RG3 Facetime screencaps and a woman wanting paid for “inappropriate” photos of the Redskins quarterback.

I’ll try to simplify this one for you.

What we know is that on July 6, Meredith Barber, a VCU student, responded to a tweet from Dylan Deibel who asked if she (@Mere__) would crash RG3’s wedding that was taking place in Denver.

Ms. Barber responded by posting an image of texts she claimed came from RG3 in the early hours of July 6. This image was eventually deleted, but not before a Busted Coverage reader saved it.


We posted this image on Sunday, wondering if this was a joke or if RG3 had actually sent the texts to Ms. Barber on his wedding day.

Eventually Ms. Barber contacted us via Twitter, then by email, to say, at first, that this was all some sort of joke she was playing. However, after a few email exchanges with Barber, she admitted that the texts were from RG3 and told us that she had “inappropriate” photos, FaceTime images and texts to sell us.


We were told that those photos included frontal photos of RG3. Ms. Barber scoffed at our offer of $500 for everything she had, minus the dong photos.

We haven’t chatted since.

Today we were approached by an anonymous emailer who sent us two Facetime images of Ms. Barber and RG3 from 2012.




• Barber says the texts are from RG3’s wedding day. She admitted that to us. See above in BOLD.

• From numerous emails and tweets with Barber’s friends, we believe this was just an internet relationship and that the two never actually met in person.

• At least one friend theorized that Barber and RG3 would meet when the Redskins started training camp in Richmond, VA.

• Will we ever buy the RG3 photos? Barber says we’re not even close to her asking price, so no.

• What was RG3 thinking Facetiming a VCU woman who wasn’t his girlfriend? Good question.

• Do we believe the July 6th texts are really from RG3? Yes.

“You guys are just doing this for pageviews and are trying to drag down RG3.” We could’ve posted a Kate Upton gallery and generated many more pageviews.



    1. Mark F says:

      If you look at his buddies Willirermo77’s twitter account and go to his pics you can compare RGIII’s actual belly button to the one that he supposedly sent her the night of his wedding. Totally different. Why else would she put her nail over the belly button of the second picture she sent you guys instead of a screenshot,? Lets be realistic.. She’s obviously milking this or for what it is worth, just like BC.

      1. RotoRooter says:

        Its him alright – same hands. And Willermo77 is obviously covering up for his boy – the shirt in the selfie is the same as the one in his rap video. And the pic doesn’t necessarily have to be taken in the hotel bathroom – could be an older one he had saved in his phone.

      2. Gold digging batch says:

        I’m with you man this is fake as hell. Rg3 picture is on Instagram. This girl is stupid

    2. Vicky Roberts says:

      This I so silly and so fake!! He has so much more class and such a good head on his shoulders he would not behave this way!! And on my smart phone messages sent appear on the right side of the phone

      1. Vicky Roberts says:

        Oh I was thinking of it wrong about the side of the phone thing, my mistake , lol but it’s still fake!! Anyone can put a contact with anyone’s name on it and have someone send them fake text

    3. Fake says:

      This is so fake, how can you say this is truth when you only have one source. This is what’s wrong with journalism these days and this is the worst one I have ever seen. Do you really think RG3 who is highly anticipated QB of Nfl and has millions of dollars will do such a thing on his wedding day. also the FaceTime can be photoshopped just so you know. Bro, journalism is not your thing, go back to writing kids songs… Smh smh

      1. Dan Schlueter says:

        Couldn’t agree more.
        The whore from hooters and
        The journalist that would print this are one in the same. Trash.

    4. Matt says:

      He probably pulls all kinda tail. If its easy for me as a college student it can’t be difficult for a 24 yr old star in the nfl. On another note, this girl is creepy af. Who screenshots a somebody on FaceTime then puts it up on Instagram. This chick is basic RGIII should def not f$&@ with her no more

    5. craigjr says:

      Fake look at the times, do better research stop wasting our time with bull shit !!!

    6. Al Soumah says:

      Whoever published this sh*t is a LOSER!! Get off his meat and get a life!!

    7. John A says:

      Very easy to see that these texts were never sent from RG3 that night. Now maybe they has been t one time but in text messages you receive and send they alternate sides of the screen. Take a look at where the texts are in that series of texts. They are all lined up on the left hand or senders side. Not on the reign or sent from side. Again at one time maybe he sent those pictures but on that night he had not.

    8. s says:

      Man rob hitting that and she fine as hell yall are all delusional to think the king of the dmv ain’t getting every white girl he wants in the area

    9. Brandon says:

      Lol that photo is not RGIII body he is way more ripped lol

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