Meredith Barber, RG3’s Wedding Day Texting Buddy, Tries To Sell Photos

Merdith Barber, a self-professed Redskins fan, is the VCU student who posted texts she says came from RG3 on his wedding day (July 6). She contacted us yesterday to clarify some information in our Sunday post and eventually went into saleswoman mode to get us to buy what she says are “inappropriate” photos RG3 sent to her.

A wild negotiation started via email and @Mere__eventually broke off the conversation when our offer of $500, for everything but the dick pics, wasn’t to her liking.

We’ve yet to hear if TMZ has made a counter.

Meredith-RG3-1 Meredith-RG3-2 Meredith-RG3-3 Meredith-RG3-4 Meredith-RG3-5 Meredith-RG3-6 Meredith-RG3-7 Meredith-RG3-8 Meredith-RG3-9 Meredith-RG3-10 Meredith-RG3-11 Meredith-RG3-12 Meredith-RG3-13 Meredith-RG3-14 Meredith-RG3-15 Meredith-RG3-16




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