RG3 Texting Side Piece Meredith Barber On His Wedding Day? [UPDATING]

We received a message Friday via the BC hotline from Brandon K. that just happened to notice something fishy going on the day of RGIII’s July 6 wedding. Was RG3 texting a side piece on the day of his wedding? From what we see, it sure looks like it.

Brandon explained:

So I was looking through RGIII’s twitter feed the night of his wedding.  I followed his RTs to a groomsman of his, William Mallow.  Going through his twitter feed I found a girl he RT that said she missed him.  She looked hot so I looked at her feed.  (@Mere__)  THat night one of her friends tweeted “RGIII getting married today.  Will @Mere__ crash the wedding?”  She responds immediately with “I could show Becky this though”  and its a picture of her text messages with a guy name RgIII in her phone.  The text show a black guy lifting up his shirt showing a six pack and trying to get her to respond.  This is 1am July 6th (day of wedding) and then finally gives up after no response from her.

@Mere__ is Meredith Barber, a VCU student and Redskins fan. The phone screencap of texts that Brandon refers to was eventually deleted by Barber, but not before our tipster took his own screencaps.

The tweet thread in question is still live, minus the texts.


And Brandon saved the texts screencap:


A little investigating of the Twitter trail from these two tells us that they didn’t just become friends.

@Williermo77 was one of RG3’s groomsmen.


And she eventually received some tickets:


Update #1:

Meredith as a Hooters waitress.


Update #2

This is the complete exchange we had with Ms. Barber over the last 20 hours. She went from telling us her original posting of RG’s texts were a “joke,” to deleting that claim, to trying to sell us inappropriate photos of RG3.

Meredith-RG3-1 Meredith-RG3-2 Meredith-RG3-3 Meredith-RG3-4 Meredith-RG3-5 Meredith-RG3-6 Meredith-RG3-7 Meredith-RG3-8 Meredith-RG3-9 Meredith-RG3-10 Meredith-RG3-11 Meredith-RG3-12 Meredith-RG3-13 Meredith-RG3-14 Meredith-RG3-15 Meredith-RG3-16

Update #3

RG3’s buddy William Mallow, who was in his wedding, sends word that Ms. Barber is full of shit and is just looking to get paid.

Look I’m going to cut through the BS and just get down to it. We both know that Meredith is looking for attention/money. I know this is what you do for a living and you thought that this would be a golden opportunity but the fact of the matter is that this is completely false. I was with Robert the night in question, and there was zero texting of other girls, much less selfie stomach shots. That isn’t even close to what the bathroom of the suite we were in looked like.

It’s completely unfair to crucify a guy who is a role model to hundreds of thousands of people because all he’s done from day 1 is the right thing. The guy didn’t take a SIP of alcohol during the entire time of the bachelor party in Vegas the weekend before. He’s completely committed and in love with his wife, and would never jeopardize that.

If you want any further information or proof, please let me know. I also have screenshots of Meredith yesterday admitting to me via texts that this was all a joke and that someone grabbed her phone.

RG3 Defense Team 1


Update #4

Ironically, Ms. Barber and Mr. Mallow (was in RG3’s wedding) joked about Ms. Barber-fellatio-RG3 back in November.

Picture 1

Update #5

These were just sent to us.






    1. 3 Finger Lenny says:

      Pure white trash

    2. Troll Moderator says:

      Everyone knows the first rule of trolling is to match outties with outties and innies with innies. C’mon!

    3. Mark F says:

      If you look at his buddies Williermo77’s twitter account and go to his pics you can compare RGIII’s actual belly button to the one that he supposedly sent her the night of his wedding. Totally different. Why else would she casually put her nail over the belly button of the second picture she sent you guys instead of a screenshot,? Lets be realistic.. She’s obviously milking this or for what it is worth, just like BC. Since when did society become so aggressive to easily find ways to tear down legitimate role models so quickly without any LEGITIMATE evidence? This man has been one of the very few athletes that have come in the league and represented himself greatly on and off the court. Busted coverage, you’re a joke. Don’t you have a Kim Kardashian baby news to report on?

    4. Harold says:

      Rich, young, black male superstar has hot girls on the side? You don’t say…. Lol.

    5. Kenny says:

      Maybe not in Virginia but Hooters Girls are usually stand up kind of people. My Grandfather told me something once about “wallowing with the pigs” that comes to mind.

    6. jonnyiam says:

      Reblogged this on La Carreta and commented:
      SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!

    7. Texas dude says:

      I’ve heard stories about rg3 from a Baylor trainer about how he was a creep/perv to random girls on campus, so I could believe this easily

    8. clay says:

      Fake old pics no one has a 3g phone anymore

    9. RG3 is Gay says:

      I have a buddy who shook RG3’s hand one time… He said he held it for like 0.5 seconds longer than normal. Now I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking. Clearly he’s gay, and probably an alien.

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