Meet Model Summer Crosley – A Dodgers Fan [PHOTOS]

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I got home this afternoon from the bar after an extended lunch due to tornadoes trying to rip through BC HQ when I got this email via the tip hotline.

“I would like to submit supermodel SUMMER CROSLEY to feature on your site.”

Of course I had to make sure that Ms. Crosley’s reps knew that we’re a reputable sports site who likes to keep things sporty so she was asked to name her favorite sports team (Miami Heat) and if there were any photos of her in that team’s gear.

Instead of Miami gear we got shots of Summer in her Dodgers hat.

Perfect. That works.

Summer Crosley File:

• Appeared in two episodes of Californication (via IMDb)

• Involved in ocean conservation

• Recently featured in GQ, Esquire & Elle

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