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Spurs Fan Spitting Insane Shit-Talk To Heat Fans After Game 6 [VIDEO]


Where do we start with this one?

This was shot after the Heat saved their season and LeBron’s legacy for another night with that now memorable comeback in Game 6.

The Spurs had their fifth ring sitting at the edge of a bar like a fresh Red Bull & vodka ready to be slammed. Just don’t give up some crazy three-pointer to Ray Allen and you’re wearing a ring. And then you know what happened.

So this unidentified Spurs fan gets on the train for the rough ride home when Heat fans start the taunts. Normally, you’d expect a dude who can’t weigh a buck fifty to just stay quiet and take the shit.

Not this guy. When you lead off with “LeBron is a pussy,” it means you’ve had your ass kicked a few times and you’re not afraid of another.



    1. Adam Heveit says:

      This article sucks. You’re the guy that watches s great movie and says “meh, wasn’t that good.” You’re that guy. Enjoy your life as a miserable person and eat a turd sandwich from Shane Battier.

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