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Watch Olivia Munn Take Her Shirt Off In Front Of The Entire Dodgers Team [VIDEO]

No wonder the Dodgers were so randy against the Diamondbacks on Tuesday night: impossibly hot actress Olivia Munn threw out the first pitch prior to Monday’s Dodgers-D’backs game, and then she promptly took her shirt off while talking to Matt Kemp in front of the Dodgers’ dugout. Watch the video above. Strip show starts at 2:10.

Kemp’s expression is priceless. How long till the Munn-Kemp rumors start? What was Munn wearing underneath her Ddogers jersey? Well, since the friggin’ videographer got so excited that he couldn’t continue recording, we’ll never know.

Munn is on a press junket to promote her role in the second season of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” on HBO. She didn’t do that bad a job with the pitch; better than The Hulk.

[H/T: @Dodgers]



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