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Taiwanese Broadcaster Drops ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ Into Manny Ramirez Home Run Call [VIDEO]


It’s as if these Taiwanese broadcasters now know that American blogs are running videos of their calls because we’re now getting English out of these guys.

This is Manny’s 7th home run on the Taiwanese season and the broadcasters seem to be trying to impress ESPN.

“Baseball is long gone just like ex-girlfriend who will never return.”

I’ll guarantee this will be on at least one of the ESPN shows by 6 p.m. tonight. Bank it.

Manny’s updated stats: 7 dongs, 57 hits, 41 RBI, 13 2B & .361.

Update: Manny blogger @brandondubreuil, who says he’s blogging all about Manny’s 2013 season in Taiwan, says this is Manny’s 8th home run. Go visit his site.

[HT: @SportsGrid]



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