Robert Griffin III Was Dancing In DC Last Night [VIDEO]

Redskins’ fans have reason to celebrate today. The video above shows quarterback Robert Griffin III — and his still rehabilitating knee — busting a move at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington’s “White Party” party at the Millennium Building in Washington Thursday night. The event was hosted by Griffin’s teammate Pierre Garcon.

An earlier Vine clip of the same video as above has been taken down. Maybe RG3 didn’t want people critiquing his steps? Cell phone video in a nightclub is always a nightmare.

Griffin could be learning a few steps for his upcoming wedding. Maybe he’ll add a ballroom dance floor to his house on the golf course in the suburbs.

Either way, ‘Skins fans have to be pretty excited, because if that knee is good enough to dance, it should be good enough to run away from Justin Tuck and JPP this fall.



    1. cp says:

      That’s retarded. Him bouncing in the club is not the same as paying foot ball

      1. cp says:


    2. curtdog63 says:

      As if you can bounce in a club or dance your physically capable of playing in the NFL. Thats has absolutely nothing to do with cutting at the drop of a dime, planting with force etc.

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