Game Over – The Worst SFW White Red Sox Rapping Fan On The Internet

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Where to start?

This guy, who claims to be named Christopher Mannings, is easily the worst safe-for-work rapper we’ve ever seen in the six years of Busted Coverage.

According to the YouTube uploader:

I was at a bachelor party a few weeks ago and this guy followed us home from the bar, and no one really noticed. When I saw him at the bar he had just been head butted by a girl, to which he remarked to me “How do you headbutt a guy who’s about to bang you?!” An excellent point but this guy was definitely touched. I didn’t pay much attention to him at first, but then I heard him say something about how he raps and I was on it in a jiffy.

The big news to this video is that Mannings, from what we can tell, never drops a single profane word during his entire rap. No f-bombs. No references to bitches. Nothing.

Say hello to the “Worst SFW White Red Sox Rapping Fan On The Internet.” Kudos to this guy for continuing to rock the Adrian Gonzalez shirt.

Joe Kinsey