How Much Vodka You Think Kobe & Matt Leinart Pounded At This L.A. Party?

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As you can see, the white guy in the red hat is former Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart chatting it up with Kobe Bryant at a Newport Beach backyard gathering, according to @HaileyDavin.

This high school senior reports:

Best part about having famous neighbors is they have parties with famous people..that you’re invited to #kobe

You might remember that Deadspin touched on this party Monday morning after Vanessa Bryant posted an Insty featuring Leinart and her loving husband.


Guess who took the pony for a walk the day of the party? Hailey. $100 says Leinart was hitting on the 18-year-old high school seniors at the party and then started feeding the pony vodka bongs.

Get me a Vine of that – now!

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