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Imagine All You Have Left Is ‘She Wants The D’ Wife Beater & More Morning Screencaps

Think your life is a mess? Is you wife about to divorce you after a couple years of marriage? Did you flunk out of Akron this semester? Were you unable to secure the 5th keg you need for the Memorial Day party?

Try having your house wiped from the earth and your kids buried in an elementary school. Anyone tired of disasters yet? It seems like we get a 2-3 week break between horrible disasters and the next thing you know Anderson Cooper is coming to your town.

Sure, it’s hard to find any light moment in horrible tragedy, but then Cooper’s reporter finds “She Wants The D” guy. This is why Cooper, 45, and his team are the best in the business. They relate to us. They’re not afraid to put “She Wants The D” guy on TV during a tragedy.

As for what happened last night in sports…


WTF is going on here? Tennessee in the ACC? Florida is in the ACC? Good work, intern.


Yankees fan keeping it classy in Baltimore. Take away the middle finger and you know he’s a real asshole because of the ARod jersey.


No words.

Picture 7

Sager was at the bar last night? SHOCKED!

Picture 9

Post covers grade: A (simple, yet so effective)

Picture 8

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