2013 Houston Dynamo Calendar Party Was Crazy, In Parking Lot

How do we know that the MLS is still cutting its teeth as a real American sports league? According to our Houston photographer correspondent/friend, Scott B., Houston Dynamo girls held their bikini calendar (order it here) release party in a parking lot before Saturday’s 2-0 loss to New England.

Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate any MLS team producing a cheerleader bikini calendar because there can never be enough cheerleader bikini calendars.

However, get these ladies a prime location inside the BBVA Compass Stadium to show off. Maybe bring in some professional lighting. Maybe some high definition bikini calendar outtakes playing on LEDs while some thumping Euro techno plays in the background.

No more parking lots, Houston. That’s minor league. Let’s step up your game.

[Bikini calendar photo via Bryan Anderson  | Scott B. Photos   |  Dynamo Girls – Facebook]



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