Lauren Tannehill Is A Master Angler [PHOTOS]

Lauren Tannehill Fishing

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Miami Dolphins‘ quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his beautiful wife Lauren are in Miami this weekend for a few days of fun with the Dolphins. Ryan is starting to get a little buzz as some NFL pundits think his late season surge — and the Dolphins off-season acquisition of receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson — may mean big things for the QB in 2013.

See, the truth is that Ryan Tannehill is still known more for Lauren, his knockout wife who won NFL Draft Day in 2012, than he is for his football abilities. Even when Lauren Tannehill is not trying to upstage Ryan, she winds up doing so. Case in point, their deep-sea fishing trip this weekend. While Ryan and some of his teammates were trying to pull in some fish, Lauren landed one. We think.


You’ll notice, as did we, that there’s no fish in that picture that Ryan Tannehill tweeted. Maybe the Tannehill’s will get around to posting the prize catch at some point, but we totally get it. If you were Ryan Tannehill, you’d never stop taking pictures of your wife, regardless of what she was doing: gardening, reading, sunbathing, whatever. Until he proves himself in the NFL, Lauren remains his best completion.

Lauren Tannehill Bikini

Lauren Tannehill Wives

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