Still Skinny Barry Bonds Hangs At Bike Race

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What was Skinny Barry Bonds doing in Santa Clarita, California this week at some famous bike race?

According to the local media, Bonds, whose cycling fascination is well known to the Busted Coverage community, was there for his homies.

“I enjoy cycling and a couple of my guys are in the race, guys I like to follow, like Andy Schleck (pictured with Bonds), Peter Sagan, Ed King and I are in STRAVA (a cycling club) together, so it’s cool. I like it a lot,” Bonds said.

That’s Schleck shaking Skinny’s hand. Yes, Andy’s brother, Frank, was once booted from the Tour de France for doping.

Let’s also take a look at Bonds’ arms. We weren’t seeing the veins last summer when Bonds was shredding weight while bikini the Rockies, leading us to assume Skinny Barry has either quit drinking liquids or has lost more weight.





[photo via @michaelcollins]

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