Who Wants To Win This $100 Corona Cooler? Get Entered, Fools [Ends At 1 P.M. Thurs]

Our friends at Corona approached me this week with an idea for a Corona cooler giveaway to promote the brand’s “Corona Summer” bash. Corona wants you guys to get your ass away from the computer and out chasing women on the beach and enjoying summer to the fullest.

They also wants photos of you out living the Corona Summer lifestyle. Worthy photos posted to www.CoronaSummer.com could end up in a future Corona ad.

To get you in the mood for the summer, Corona is giving one BC reader the following:

• The ridiculous $100 Corona cooler

• Portable iPod speakers

• T-shirts

• Beach blanket

• Magnets

How to win:

Leave a comment (in the comment section with legit email in case you win; Relax, I don’t use or sell your email addresses and haven’t since starting BC 6 years ago) telling me what you have planned this summer for the cooler.

That’s it.

UPDATE: The contest is over. Here’s your winner.

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    1. Cody Schiele says:

      I’m from San Diego and spending my first summer in Chicago. I’m gonna bring the West Coast lifestyle to the Midwest

      1. Jillian Sells says:

        My name is Jillian me an my husband have a lake house on Tenkiller…Our weekends consist Of relaxing in the sunshine with a cold one in our hand….Corona an lime is our favorite summer time beverage!!

      2. Jillian Sells says:

        This is my correct email

      3. Bailey says:

        I’m Bailey and I want to use the cooler to grill out on the beach. I also plan to fish and camp out, and the cooler is perfect for that. I have many vacations planned for this summer and the Corona cooler is perfect for the family.

    2. Bud Martin says:

      Would be the perfect addition to my jimmy buffett tailgate.

    3. Joe says:

      Lots of bbqing and salsa dancing

    4. Quinn Pitcock says:

      Now on Injured Reserve with Orlando Predators I am spending rest of summer working on my tan at the pool with rest of IR guys. Right now we use a cardboard box with trash bag as cooler. Balling on a AFL budget.

    5. Ryan says:

      I would strip the corona logo off the front, put a FGCU logo on there, fill it will Sam Adams and fire up the grill.

    6. john says:

      have a ton of bbq’s in my yard and go to the racetrack…so I need that cooler!!!!

    7. Dustin says:

      I need this cooler in case I meet Johnny Manziel.

    8. Joe says:

      I’m an alcoholic.

    9. Ry says:

      My my my i yi woo. M M M My Corona…

    10. Illesh Messier says:

      My plans for this amazing cooler this summer would be to give it to my husband for his birthday. He loves corona and its the only beer he drinks. We then will take it to all of our bbqs and camping trips this summer. Full of corona of course!

    11. Kelly gruen says:

      That cooler is in my future!

    12. Art Sandoval says:

      I’m a single dad and ready to hit the beach and get back to meet girls and what perfect way to use this great cooler and fill it with coronas to atract some attention from the ladies.

    13. sjp29 says:

      Loading it down with coronas aNd hangin on the beach,bon fires, back yard bbq, and carrying it with me every where I go for all get togethers! Coronas #1

    14. steve patino says:

      I collect beer sighns, mugs,etc. I have large coke coolers, which are cooler for big parties, but the corona cooler would be perfect for everything!

      1. steve patino says:

        I want it!

    15. Kyle Sees says:

      Won’t be able to use it this summer on account of being deployed to Afghanistan but once I get back that cooler will definitely be making a lot of road trips to the beach

    16. Mike says:

      Drinking beers by the pool. Oh yea I’ll put a couple waters in there so I don’t dehydrate.

    17. Glenn Ritzman says:

      Who’s dick ya gotta suck to win a cooler around here?

    18. Kurt Liebrecht says:

      I’m flying the cooler down to Pensacola and posting it up on the beach for the week. Then I’m going to drive it up to Auburn and use it to tailgate over Labor Day weekend when they play Wazzu! I need to stay cool help me out!

    19. Sarah says:

      My email is sarah.wilkins89@gmail.com and I need this for my husbands 25th birthday! He will use it for parties, tail gates, beach days and just because!

    20. Matt says:

      Vegas early june, camping/fishing trips rest of summer(which means lotsa drinking..). Would be nice to have a place to store all the beer for my trips!

    21. Garrett says:

      Beach trips every weekend filled with beer. I need it so I can fully enjoy my last summer and year of college!

    22. juliues harrison says:

      Where kan i buy the koooler?????

    23. Chad says:

      This would be the best gift since the leg lamp! It’s gonna get used and abused and treated like a red headed step child!!!!!

    24. Lucky says:

      I will spend most of my summer underway on a Coast Guard boat, then relax with a Corona in hand.

    25. mike says:

      Well since I tore my acl I’m nit going to be running around too much this summer. So I would fill the cooler up with ice coronas and limes. Take it to the beach; play the pity card with ladys and have a good time.

    26. Julio Michel says:

      For this summer going offroad its going to be super hot iwant to take my Coronas OMG so cool.

    27. Rob Lichter says:

      I’m gonna take this cooler to the #1 beach in the world in lanikai, Oahu. Then we will float it along side out canoe while we paddle out to the mokolua islands. Perfect beach cooler for the perfect beach day!

    28. Joe says:

      this cooler will be filled with corona , modelo ,pacifico, and Negro modelo on our summer fishing trips to June loop and be filled with trout on the way home. Corona la cerveza mas fina’

    29. Brian Mota says:

      Im gonna take that cooler everywhere with me swimming at the beach going for nice rides hell im going even going to sleep with it

    30. kevin austin says:

      Hey all , I’m plan on going to Cape Cod and hangin out at Nauset beach all day with 4 cases of Corona and offering one to every hot chick in a bikini and letting them open the bottle with the cool ass bottle opener on the front while I soak in the rays with beer in my hand, ass in the sand life is good today

    31. Rob Nixon says:

      Sometimes i have dreams of this cooler being converted into a raft for midgets. They will mount a pair of sails between the hinges, and counter the weight of the Coronas with helium inflated condoms. Banksy will airbrush an illegitimate american flag between the naked baby painting and the minature trolls will sail off the edge of the earth in a burning ball of glory.

    32. Jennifer says:

      My husband just said yesterday he wanted one of these and would make a great Father’s Day gift!

    33. Kevin Caylor says:

      Will take it with me to Mexico for my destination wedding at a resort in playa mujeres with 38 friends and family! Would be perfect for this fun and rowdy bunch!

    34. lisa says:

      Baseball…..tailgating!!! :)

    35. Amy Sosa says:

      Cookouts and camping

    36. chrissy Villarreal says:

      Would love to sport that nice chrome cooler at Texans Tailgating parties!!

      1. Bill says:

        That cooler is San Diego Chargers blue and gold. Just needs my lightning bolt sticker for some tailgating at the Q

    37. Mark says:

      I have camping trips planned for the summer and this bad ass cooler would be perfect for keeping my corona cold

    38. Kendall carney says:

      Take it with me to Mexico this summer! What better to fill the cooler than fresh corona!!

    39. daniel gribble says:

      I will give it to my stepdad he has designated fridge n the garage with just corona in it by god he deserves it.

    40. Keith Adams says:

      That is a sweet Corona cooler. I may have to just buy one.

    41. Bianca says:

      Party down the salt river with family and friends. Live it up like there’s no tomorrow!

    42. Aaron lane says:

      fishing down at the rivers going to be better with my new cooler

    43. Jonathan Eckert says:

      This cooler would make my DMB tailgate along with football season coming up 10 times better.

    44. Jonathan says:

      I went on a canoeing trip this past Memorial Day and lost my cooler. I have many more trips planned this summer like a trip to spring river on the forth of July. The cooler would be awesome to have on my many adventures I plan on taking.

    45. Hi all,
      That’s a very nice post. Have you thought of Salmon fishining in the Comox area of Vancouver Island?

    46. I am Tiffany says:

      When my dad saw this cooler he so excited and is a huge Corona fan. When he went on the Corona website and realized there was no way to win or buy one he was super bummed and disappointed. He is a huge fisherman, camper, fourwheeler and hunter. when I came across this page I thought wow how perfect. I would love to be able to surprise him with this awsome cooler for fathers day/birthday.

    47. Valerie O'Brien says:

      So my husband saw this cooler and you know any mans man has to have it. He would be so happy to have this he might, well actually do some yard work or something. I probably shouldn’t go that far but you get the jist. Please put this poor man out of envy misery.

    48. alex orozco says:

      Love Coronas on the boat at Lake Naci mmmmmmm great times

    49. Aaron Runfalo says:

      Just moves from Louisiana to Florida!!!! The beach is my new swamp!!!! Gonna Tera it up!!!!!!!!

    50. Manu A. Clay says:

      Loyal Corona drinker!!!!

    51. Joe Bowman says:

      I loooooove corona! That cooler would look so nice beside my chair at the beach this summer! ;)

    52. Aj Schmidt says:

      We have 7 children plus 11 grandchildren plus 6 spouses they love to come over for barbecues, beach trips and boating.
      The cooler is perfect for a casein Corona for my family. Oh wait, they never stop at one Corona and I need room for the lime.
      Better make it 2 coolers. The more Corona the better!!!!


      1. jmp says:

        Sounds like you need less beers and more birth control

    53. Danielle Wilson says:

      My boyfriend and I would take this cooler everywhere always filled with Corona’s for sure!! To the beach, the lake, parties with friends….we would take this any and everywhere!!!! :)

    54. Faiyaz says:

      Party up every night potentially with my new corona cooler!

    55. Craig Holtrust says:

      I would bend my wife over it and have sex on that beautiful cooler!!

    56. Blog says:

      We’re a bunch of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with useful information to work on. You’ve done a
      formidable job and our entire community will probably be grateful to you.


    57. Lindsey Jolly says:

      I need this cooler worse than a blind man needs to see!!!!!!

    58. Kitty says:

      I love this cooler :)

    59. Justin says:

      I need this cooler, I could list a million reasons why I should get it, but the bottom line is I’m a booze bag and I like to look cool. And my girlfriend really wants it.

    60. Carmen says:

      I need a new cooler for summer BBQs & parties

    61. bayron says:

      I would love to have this cooller.

    62. Chrissi says:

      Corona extra is the only beer I drink n I LOVE this cooler as soon as I seem the commercial I got online looking for one!! I so need this it’d b perfect for our crazy lifestyle :))

    63. Jorge marrufo says:

      Yeah. I need it

    64. Love this cooler!!

    65. Nick Prado says:

      I’m a stay at home dad of five that plans on barbecuing and swimming with the kids all summer. We are going to San Antonio to visit family and will just take in the sun down there. I plan on teaching my kids the real meaning of summer with no tv or inside games. We’re gonna stay out late like the sun and have so many life lessons the outdoors brings ill need the corona to cool off. I do live in Texas. Finally my wife and I are going to go out and have the time of our lives at concerts and enjoy the beautiful heat.

    66. Lester Villanueva says:

      Summer Festival tour cooler!

    67. rob hirsch says:

      I need this cooler…got me sum games I need it for. Sox tailgates. ..gotta bring it to the parade for ur 2013 stanley cup champs..yeah the blackhawks!!!!! An dont get me started on on da bears tailgates I got to goto

    68. Take it to Yosemite national park and camp out underneath the million stars, listening to the waterfalls crashing in the river. Also, take it to Palm Springs and lay by the pool with my girlfriends and drink Caronas with limes all day long while getting a tan. :)

    69. AngelG says:

      Best cooler yet I want one!!!!!🍻

    70. Jon Morganelli says:

      I need this cooler to take to the beach at the end of this month.. Going to the cardinals vs braves game at the end of August and we will need this cooler to celebrate the win! We go to the lake allllll the time and it matches very well with all our corona decorates on the boat. We need this cooler!!!!!!!! Pick me pick me:)

    71. Paige sowell says:

      I’m a girl and the guys always have the cool coolers with there teams and what not! I love corona, it’s my choice of beverage;) I need a cool cooler to show the guys up at the beach and at the lake this summer! This cooler is the bomb…. I would love to WIN this!!!!

    72. Jamie Spencer says:

      Love to take this cooler with me fishing and to the beach full of cold coronas.

    73. Anita Sophia says:

      Anita Sophia craazzyy about this corona cooler!!! We saw it in the commercial and started looking for it online right away!!! We are from Florida but recently move to Seattle WA and we plan to fill it up with coronas and take it to the Greenlake all summer long!!!

    74. Jason Garcia says:

      Taking my 2 year old boy and 1month old daughter swimming and to the park this summer. Daddy could use some relaxation. Perfect way to find my corona beach!

    75. Amy Ward says:

      I would pack that sucker with coronas and head out to cape Canaveral to fish qith my family! We need a good sturdy cooler!!

    76. Dan Ercoli says:

      This cooler will be a best birthday gift for my husband. I have to win this for my love.

    77. brook gardner says:

      I got the Country Music MegaTicket for this summer!! So that means lots of drinking partying and dancing. I need a cooler that can hang in there for as long as I can!!

    78. Summer Byrum says:

      Toes in the water
      Azz in the sand
      And a cold Corona
      In my hand!

    79. Andrew Dang says:

      I want to bring this cooler camping on the river!!!!

    80. Corey says:

      I need that shit. Bbq more than any mf in the world in the summer! Gets me laid.!

    81. Amber says:

      I would be using the cooler for my husband he wants one to go along with his corona bottles sitting by the pool with the family and when we have the kids out on the nice summer nights roasting marshmallows by the fire

    82. Kristen says:

      We would have backyard deck parties filled with Corona for us and ice water for the kids! This cooler reminds me of camping with my parents every summer weekend! I love the idea of making memories like that with my kids. Oh and it most definitely will be coming with us on vacation to Gulf Shores!!

    83. roberto says:

      Keep that thing filled with corona in a bbq and the beach. House parties to make some micheladas with corona familiar. Trip to the mountains. Most importantly get compliments on how awesome that thing is.

    84. david says:

      being a new dad this would be great for the hot summer nights of relaxing.

    85. Leo Contreras says:

      Love it!!

    86. Alex escobar says:

      I will take the cooler to infinity and beyond haha

    87. Camille says:

      I would love this cooler because I am giving birth in three weeks and after I plan on bringing this cooler filled with Coronas every where I go. The store, the park, the beach this cooler will be with me at all times because my husband owes me 9 months of driving , so I am doing this responsibly.

    88. Simone Daley says:

      Is this real. I was just trying to figure out how to get a cooler by Saturday, 29 for my kids birthday. I am a single mom of 4 and God has answer my prayer because now I see a giveaway for my favorite beer, Corona. This has to be a dream come true, this is no coincidence. Please Corona make sure you make a great Mom and her kids happy.

    89. Its my husbands first summer out of the army and he commented on how cool this cooler looked on the commercial. We plan on going to the beach and vacation as much as possible.

    90. Brooklyn Torian says:

      This cooler would be a perfect addition to our backyard bbq’s, camping trips, beach trips and relaxing by the pool this summer.

    91. Julio says:

      All I Know Is That I Go To The Beach Alot And I Do Alot Of Outdoors Activities During The Summer And The Cooler I Have It’s Old And It’s Time For A New One aAnd Plus I Don’t Want My Coranas To Get Hot Either. So I Would Love To Have This Cooler For So Many Reasons And I Think It’s The Perfect Cooler For Me To Have This Summer.. I Hope That I’m The Lucky One This Time. Thanks For This Opportunity.

    92. Scott says:

      God I want this cooler!!! This is the sweetest cooler I’ve ever seen! An its perfect cause Coronas all I ever drink so its perfect!!!

    93. polluxtroy55 says:

      This cooler would be perfect for my band to have on stage while we play this summer, as any one who has ever played in a bar band will tell you getting drinks to the stage can be a pain, this thing however, would eliminate the need to run up to the bar between sets or trying to flag down a busy bartender!!!

    94. Liz Bernal says:

      When my boyfriend first seen this cooler his face lit up, he was like a kid just so amazed by it lol I really want to win this for him. This year didn’t strt so go for him so I’m trying to plan a little suprise vacation for his birthday which is July 24. He loves to go camping he loves to fish and he LOVES Coronas. I know this cooler packed with Coronas will be the perfect gift for him lol. He’ll be taking it everywhere, just put it in the back of his truck for everyone to see lol. I really really want to win this for him, so I can put a huge cheesy smile on his face.

    95. Victoria Obarrio-Jimenez says:

      My name is Victoria and my husband loves anything that is
      Or has to do with corona he even has a tattoo with the crown i
      would like to wib and give my husband the best gift ever.

    96. sergio says:

      I need that cooler to go camping

    97. Leslie Rojas says:

      When ppl ask me what kind of beer I drink I say well the queen always needs her corona, and now and would love to have a corona cooler ill take it everywhere with me love it…:D

    98. Dano says:

      I need this cooler because my wife is a crazy tight with the purse strings, and won’t spring for a new one! Married life rules!

    99. Stacey Rose says:

      I want to display my awesome Corona Cooler in the kitchen. Cause my daughters give me a hard time when they see that mom has filled the fridge with her snacks, of Coronas. It will be beautiful in our home.

    100. Jose Luis Rodriguez says:

      Hi my name is Jose Luis Rodriguez and I would like the cooler because I need it for my sisters weeding, my cousin sweet 15, my Tia’s birthday party and my social events at my house that I have every week,those are some of the reasons why I need this cooler…

    101. Christa Evely says:

      Partying on the surf fishing beach every other weekend. Need a good cooler to put all the Coronas in & this would be the best!!!

    102. Laura Mojica says:

      mmmmmm Corona para mi

    103. tiffanydrahonovsky says:

      My life has been taken over by my 8 year old boy, while I love him, Corona is often the only salvation after birthday parties, soccer games and other annoying kid stuff. I need this cooler to maintain my status as THE cool mom, as well as my sanity!

    104. Terry Sweeton says:

      I will make it simple, please please please

    105. Pamela says:

      Live less then 20 miles from the rim fire! Plan on using my new cooler to cool down some coronas and help beat this blaze with the cool refreshing taste of corona! I’ll even share a few with our men and women battling to protect our beautiful national park!

    106. Miguel A Quiñonez says:

      This cooler will be @ cookouts, beach party’s, boat parties, and behind me in the DJ booth when I spin keeping my Corona’s ice cold during my sets!!!

    107. Ruben says:

      I have been searching from store to store… i will have this cooler before any of my friends/ family and I will shine!

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