Hottest Superfans Of The NBA Playoffs: Jessica Perez

20-year-old Miami model Jessica Perez (@jessicaaperezt) has thrown her bikini into the ring for our “Superfans of the NBA Playoffs” series that is much more interesting than a Bulls-Heat game.

“I have just began to promote myself and i would like to gain more exposure,” she wrote in an email. Perfect!

What sports teams does she root for? Of course the Heat. As for the NFL, she’s a Packers fan.

Other tidbits:

Her tattoo is in Hebrew. It means “to carry on” in life.

“One of the biggest pick up lines i hear when i’m in a bikini are about my tattoo. Guys come up to me asking about its meaning or if they speak Hebrew they are like, ‘Can i read your tattoo?’.

Aaron Rodgers or Favre:

“I think Rodgers is a better QB because he is an overall complete player!”

LeBron’s failing hairline:

Lebron rocks his hair pretty well, I say keep it!

Let’s just say this probably won’t be the last time you see Ms. Perez on Busted Coverage. Get on the bandwagon now because she’s bound for a 2-3 year run of Internet stardom.

[Jessica Perez – Facebook]  [Jessica Perez – Instagram]

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