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Craig Sager Miniature Golfing In Sweet Shorts With Blonde [PHOTOS]

OK, so let’s just blowout all the Craig Sager material I have today since the Drunk Craig Sager was such a hit around the Internet. Again, this guy is believed to be 63 or 64 and is living the life your father can only dream of living. He goes from city to city, doing his sideline reports and amusing fans with his great suits.

And then on April 18, according to @_naynayB, Sages is spotted miniature golfing in a pair of his polka dot shots with what looks to be a younger smokeshow blonde. Remember when Sages got a porn star’s business card during the 2012 playoffs? This guy is a proven go hard kinda guy.

We also have this shot of Sager, in his TNT shirt, from April 17. Is it possible Sages went straight from the real golf course to the miniature golf course to chase tail? Of course.

Update: It appears the blonde is his wife, Stacey, a former Bulls dancer.

Get in touch with us, Sages, let’s hit some golf balls, chase tail and crush some vodka.




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