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White Pacers Fans Go Nuts After Ghetto Black Hawks Fan Booted From Game 5 [VIDEO]

Nothing gets white people at a Pacers game on their feet like a black dude getting kicked out. Nothing.

It seems that there was a slight ruckus at last night’s Pacers 106-83 win in Game 5 when some black Hawks fan was ejected for possibly being a moron. I’m racking my brain trying to remember ever running any ruckus videos from any Indiana sporting event, minus the 500 or some NASCAR race.

It’s just rare.

Of the teams in the playoffs, I can’t think of a more boring fanbase than Indiana.

And then a ghetto-looking dude covered in Hawks swag gets mouthy. According to the uploader:

This Hawks fan is asked to take his seat but refuses, so security steps in and escorts him away.

Wait, you kicked him out for that? How about Austin Collie chirping. Nice jersey.

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    1. Real Hawks Fan says:

      Fuck you…Racist muthafucka..Im wish nothing but the worst karma to happen to you. FUCK BOY

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