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Fan Asks Twins Closer Glen Perkins For Help After Ticket Error & Perkins Hooks Him Up With Seats

Glen Perkins Tickets Fan


Next time you think of Alex Rodriguez lighting his cigars with $100 bills, remember that not every Major League Baseball player is a greedy cretin. Minnesota Twins pitcher Glen Perkins certainly is not.

When Twins’ fan Alex Berg, a sportswriter at the Bemidji (Minn.) Pioneer and student at Bemidji State University, lost his tickets to Sunday’s Rangers-Twins game due to an online snafu, he reached out to Perkins, his favorite player, on Twitter. Berg almost certainly was not expecting to get a response.

Well, not only did Perkins respond, he hooked up Berg with seats for himself and his “girlfriend, grandma, and cousin” as requested. See for yourself in the Twitter conversation below:

Glen Perkins Tickets For Fan

Even if Perkins and Berg have perhaps met or corresponded before, it’s still pretty cool for an MLB player to hook up a fan in need with seats. There have to be dozens of comps per game that go unused. FWIW- MLB teams should think about making this sort of thing a recurring promotion.

Here’s a local commercial Perkins did for ESPN-1500 AM radio earlier this year paying off “Glengarry Glen Ross” as Glengarry Glen Perkins. Perkins certainly doesn’t seem to take himself that seriously.


[h/t: Reddit]



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