LSU Chick Won’t Be Getting Honey Badger Tat On Her Vagina – How About This Draft Analysis!

How about this Katie Chandler (@katiemchan) chick? Tired of listening to Mel Kiper babble about “intangibles” and “up side?”

In the mood for a LSU chick to put a vagina tat on the line if her mock draft isn’t right? Katie is our new favorite NFL Draft prognosticator.

Suck it, Kiper.

Katie reports back to those bashing her mock draft bet.

I was just expressing my confidence that it isn’t going to happen. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

And before the Honey Badger vagina tweet, Katie was analyzing other picks.

I hope you all feel like douchebags for sleepin on Eric Reid like that.

And she’s hot.


And more Katie being Katie during the NFL Draft.

Want to hear a joke? The jets ✈

And she’s hot – middle.


And Katie loves the fat guys.

I’m freaking pumped that so many lineman are top picks!! They don’t get nearly enough credit.

Seriously, will you marry me?

The things I would do to be in the war room right about now!! #nfldraft

And she’s hot.

Picture 2

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