Buy Mike Brown’s Anaheim, CA Mansion For $3.75 Million [25 PHOTOS]

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Mike Brown has been without work since he was fired by the Lakers back in November. Sensing the fact he may be a hot head coaching hire this off-season, Brown has decided to list his Anaheim, CA mansion. At $3.75 million, Brown is trying to earn a nice $750K profit on the property!

After signing a four year deal with the Lakers, you can’t blame Brown for buying this palace. It’s just unfortunate he has to sell such a nice house so soon after buying it. I guess that’s what happens when you start the season 1-4 in L.A.

According to Realtor:

The first floor has a chef’s kitchen and a large communal area featuring a sports bar, media center and 350-gallon aquarium. Upstairs, there is a full size gym, along with a posh master suite comes complete with a sitting room and private balcony.

It’s really gonna suck for Brown to have to get re-acclimated to Cleveland after living in this lush California pad.

More Details On Mike Brown’s Mansion

Estimated Monthly Payment: $25,000 after mortgage and pool cleaning

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