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Eva Marie & Jo-Jo Offerman: New WWE Divas [PHOTOS]

In an effort to spice up the ever-dwindling Divas division of the WWE, the company has decided to bring in some new blood. The two ladies, Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman come from diverse backgrounds, neither of which was really centered around wrestling.

The WWE has partnered with the E! Network for a new show called Total DivasThe show, which debuts on July 28, will include the two new divas amongst a variety of other divas presently on the roster.

Current diva Layla spilled the beans on Instagram that these two were indeed part of the future of the division:

New-WWE-Divas (1)

According to PWInsider:

The new Divas were found via the recent Diva casting search WWE conducted several months back in several major markets. Each were in attendance over Wrestlemania week and filmed scenes for the new series.

Although this probably won’t affect my choice to use Divas matches as an opportune time to use the bathroom during Raw, it will be nice to see a few fresh faces out there on Monday night.

Check out photos and more information on the two lovely ladies below.

Eva Marie

Eva-Marie (1)

  • Real Name: Natalia Eva Marie
  • 2012 Powertec Fashion Model Winner
  • 2,533 followers on Twitter (@natalieevamarie)
  • 11,758 followers on Instagram (natalieevamarie)

Jo-Jo Offerman

jo jo

  • Real Name: Joseann Alexie Offerman
  • Background in singing and dancing
  • 338 Followers on Instagram (joseann_alexie)
  • 1,208 friends on Facebook (Joseann Offerman)



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