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Boston Marathon Terrorist Jahar Tsarnaev’s Eery Tweets

When we heard a friend of Boston Marathon bombing terrorist Jahar Tsarnaev, 19, mention on CNN this morning that he had a Twitter account, we went into the obligatory search mode. What we found was a trail of tweets (‏@J_tsar) that are eery, chilling, cold and every other emotion one can feel when someone is tweeting on the day of the marathon killings.

The other suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, is dead. It’s believed that Tamerlan was killed in a shootout early Friday morning with cops.

Jahar Files:

The VK.com page


Jahar prom photo


At 8:05 p.m. on Monday, the day of the bombings, Jahar was busy on Twitter:

Jahar Tsarnaev

Picture 3

Picture 6

Picture 7

And his Twitter history is littered with messages that can be interpreted as you like.

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11


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    1. Ryan says:

      Look at the rest of his twitter… Very normal Umass student. TONS of friends. Very typical kid.

    2. Brittany says:

      Honestly Jahar is innocent and The only reason that people think he is not innocent is because they don’t know him like me and my sister do like honestly Alicia may be 16 but from day one of meeting him she fell in love with him I did too but the feelings left me but she is crying because she can’t lose him she wouldn’t be able to live that’s her closest friend she has … Please don’t let them kill Jahar #prayforjahar! And hey had an insanely close bond and she only smiled for real when ever she was around him they wrestled each other and she lost ever time but he was always gentle and well caring when it came to her! He knew how to make her day better he is a good student and he speaks without an accent and if you ever meet him you would be amazed so pray that Alicia gets her wish that he doesn’t die and please believe me he is innocent he was my bestfriend in high school through college and its ashame to whoever really did this just turn yourself in

      1. Christina Marie says:

        Sweetie, we know Jahar didn’t do it. But do you remember that @$$#OLE uncle of his from Washington D.C. who called him and Tamerlan “losers”? Well, it turns out that Uncle Ruslan Tsarni (changed last name recently from Tsarnaev) is a CIA spook who represents OIL interests (Surprise! Surprise!) in Khazakstan. Government agents committed the Boston Marathon bombing to get people to approve of laws that will allow militarized police to enter people’s homes without warrants, just as they did in Watertown. Why do you think that POS uncle refused to tell reporters what he and Tamerlan argued about on the phone? It’s because he didn’t want to admit that Tamerlan was disgusted with him for being a CIA operative. Watch the news video where Tamerlan was being put into the police cruiser naked. Then he somehow ends up shot to death and run over? And poor Jahar, completely unarmed, was left bleeding and hypothermiating in the boat. They could see him with their military night sight equipment from the helicopter right from the beginning of the “search”. They hoped he would bleed to death in the boat, because, as the daying goes, “Dead men tell no tales.” But fortunately for all of us, that plan was unwittingly foiled by the boat owner who found him there. Now with too many witnesses in the neighborhood, they wouldn’t have been able to assassinate Jahar, who was clearly unarmed. Still, they wanted to make sure he could never, ever speak about what really happenedp getting his vocal chords surgically removed so he can never, ever tell anyone what really happened

      2. Christina Marie says:

        Sorry about the way the end of my reply turned out. This touch screen is too sensitive so I ended up submitting the reply before I was done editing. Anyway, if you want to see the ways David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger (who really control our politicians from behind the scenes) commit all these so-called “terrorist acts” to manipulate average people like us to agree to send our military into other countries to pillage their natural resources (mostly oil), watch “9/11 Mysteries”, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, and “The Century of the Self” (especially Part 2). And by the way, “Misha” works for the CIA.

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