Jim McMahon Now Drinking Beer, Golfing & Doing Jigsaw Puzzles [PHOTOS]

Normally a fan of spending his days on an Arizona golf course, enjoying an ice cold Coors Light or ten, Jim McMahon threw us a curve ball today. In consecutive tweets McMahon posted two photos of completed puzzles, one of the NYC skyline and another of a painting featuring two girls.

Jim-McMahon (1)

McMahon, the aristocrat.

Jim-McMahon (2)

As you can see, two puzzles just simply wasn’t enough as McMahon jetted off to pick up yet another.  We’ll keep you updated as the McMahon puzzle saga continues. What will be his next choice? A nice nature theme? Maybe a pretty floral arrangement?

Good news is that despite the concussions and drinking, McMahon’s brain seems to be at least at a functional level.

BONUS: Jim McMahon At  A Golf Tournament Earlier In The Week




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