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Still Don’t Think The Minnesota Twins Need A Dome?

The above photo was taken at Target Field yesterday in downtown Minneapolis. Home to the Minnesota Twins since 2010, Target Field is a state of the art ballpark, but there is one glaring issue with it.

It doesn’t have an f-ing roof.

Twins-Snow (1)

Twins-Snow (2)

We get that it will be nice, pleasant weather for the majority of the season. We get that no games were postponed due to this weather. But doesn’t it just seem silly to play baseball on a field that looked like this yesterday:

Twins-Snow (5)

The Twins have cleaned the field and the spectator area and it appears to be baseball ready for tonight’s game against the Mets. Then, you look at the forecast for today/tonight. Ummmmm:

Twins-Snow (6)

Perfect baseball weather! Enjoy April Twins fans,should be a blast!

Twins-Snow (3)

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    1. Adam says:

      This may have been a secondary detail but Friday’s game against the Mets was NOT the Twins’ home opener. They played a 3-game series at Target Field against Detroit that started on Opening Day—April 1, almost two weeks ago.

      I get that most of the country couldn’t possibly care less about the Minnesota Twins but that’s no excuse for getting the facts wrong.

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