Johnny Manziel Showing Off Texas Tech ‘Guns Up’ Hand Sign [PHOTO]

Johnny Manziel is incredible. Every time it seems like the Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback might pull away from social media, someone pulls him back onto the internet to do something that might make A&M fans see red. Or, Red Raiders in this case.

The pic below shows Johnny Football being Johnny Football, chilling with an unidentified babe (who is not gf Sarah Savage, btw) and flashing the Texas Tech Red Raiders “Guns Up” symbol. While A&M fans don’t hate Texas Tech as much as they hate Texas, they’ll be about as pleased with this Instagram photo as they were with Manziel’s temporary Longhorns’ tattoo.

There is at least one Manziel connection to Texas Tech. Kliff Kingsbury, the stylish Ryan Gosling clone/ new head coach at Texas Tech, was the offensive coordinator and QB coach at Texas A&M last season. Obviously there’s no way that Manziel would transfer to Texas Tech, but it will be interesting to see how Johnny Football does without Kingsbury’s offensive mind guiding the Aggies’ attack in 2013. Until then we’ll wait for more Manziel Instagram photos.

Johnny-Manziel-TT Guns-Up FULL

[H/T: LarryBrownSports]



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