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Winnipeg Jets Fan Nikki Hoplock Drops Guy’s Jaw Via Cleav Bomb [PHOTOS]

Who would’ve ever guessed that Winnipeg would be a hot bed for puck bunnies? Over the weekend, the Jets took on the Carolina Hurricanes in what would end up being a 3-1 loss for the home team. Who cares, right?

A couple girls made an appearance near the ice in some cleav bombing, low-cut shirts. The photo began floating around Twitter and really began to gain some traction. We first noticed the tweet from @ONIONSMAKEMECRY:

Jets-Babes (4)

We did some digging and found out who one of the girls was. The blonde on the left is @nikkihoplock and she tweeted out the photo below.

Know the brunette? Have a name, Twitter account or Facebook?


Jets-Babes (5)

Jets-Babes (3)

Jets-Babes (1)



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